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online | March 30, 3:00 pm (GMT)

Leveraging AI-powered Microsoft tools and ChatGPT for greater efficiency

AI Tools

Unlock the power of AI

AI technology has been around for quite some time, but in recent years, it has been advancing rapidly with new breakthroughs and applications. Since we at HBM help clients to implement innovative ideas in the brand new solutions, we have no other way but have deeper insight and leverage the modern technologies. And we are eager to share the knowledge! We're starting a series of webinars and here the 1st comes.

On March 30th, we’ll discuss Microsoft's AI tools, including OpenAI ChatGPT, and how they can benefit businesses across various industries. The talk will focus on real-life use cases, highlighting the ways in which AI can be used to optimize business processes, improve customer engagement, and increase revenue. While not overly technical, the presentation will provide CTOs and leaders with a comprehensive overview of how AI can be incorporated into their business strategies, without being overtly sales-focused.  

Attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of the ways in which Microsoft's AI-powered tools can help their business succeed in today's rapidly-evolving landscape.

Unlock the power of AI - HBM
Oleksandr Krakovetskyi, CEO of DevRain

Meet the speaker!

Oleksandr Krakovetskyi, CEO of DevRain

17 years of experience in IT as software developer, architect and C level executive.

Author of a big number of publications in media,blogger, speaker at local and international conferences, AI expert.  Oleksandr helpscompanies with Azure, Power Platform, Microsoft 365 platforms, applied AI and machine learning as a solution architect and consulter. In his blogs he is speaking about latest technologies, how Microsoft humanized AI, and IT technologies for startups.

Few more facts about our speaker
1. Ph.D. in Computer Science.
2. Microsoft Regional Director from 2018.
3. Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Most Valuable Professional from 2010.
4. The Best Professional in Software Architecture - Ukrainian IT Award.
5. Microsoft Certified Trainer.

What you’ll get after the event

Obtain a comprehensive overview of modern OpenAI models and Microsoft tools.
Identify areas where AI can be incorporated to optimize business processes.
Explore the potential of AI for your business.
See the application of AI in real products and services.
What you’ll get after the event - HBM

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