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We are

We are a team of enthusiasts who believe that tech products should be developed in a creative environment backed by established processes, effective people management and high-end delivery.

Our team is a sweet spot in the intersection of IT and Product Marketing with 12+ years of expertise. And we are looking to answer your multiple ‘HOWs’.
The team of highly skilled data engineers, architects, developers, designers, UX specialists, business consultants can provide end-to-end support for implementation of recommended solutions.
Focus on the right things

We’ll Follow Your Product from Concept to Scale

We have done this multiple times for ourselves and for clients across multiple industries. Instead of talking to sales reps, schedule a discovery call with the HBM specialists who will be able to understand your needs right away and give you honest and valuable advice.
End to end capabilities

Services for startups

Product Strategy

Product Strategy

Beginning with a Discovery Meeting, we will then take the next 25 to 30 days to develop a product strategy or product concept. As a result, you will receive strategic insights and a clear vision of your strategy, including a product roadmap, product positioning, and messaging guides.

Product Marketing Strategy

Product Marketing Strategy

We believe that marketing strategies should not be complicated. Our goal is to make your marketing vision clear and ‘burning inside’. We create marketing strategies for your product that will inspire you and its ‘big plan’.

Dedicated tech team setup

Dedicated tech team setup

Today’s modern products are heavily based on technology. We help to ensure your digital products will succeed by setting up our development team according to each individual client’s needs.

Growth marketing team setup

Growth marketing team setup

You’ll get a dedicated team with the right mix of talents and clear process how to achieve your goals and accelerate a time-to-market.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Go-to-Market Strategy

We build an action plan detailing how a company will launch a new product. We aim to offer a compelling and unique value proposition to your target market to capture your target audience.

Startup Rate Statistics

9 of 10 startups fail

According to the latest data, up to 90% of startups fail. Across almost all industries, the average failure rate of new businesses in their first years is dramatic. In years one through five, a staggering 70% of new businesses will fail.

Book a meeting with us to understand how we help startups to succeed.
Proven Steps to Success


Every great product begins with a strategy

We always start  with a clear Product Strategy or Product Marketing Strategy. This brings a sense of focus for both the client and our team, and of course, a good strategy brings money in faster.




Team setup

You don't have to sink time into operational tasks

Typically, product strategies are full of routine and operational work. At HBM, we cover these tasks, so that you have more time to focus on your next big plans. We regularly invite you to high-level planning sessions to set up the execution of your objectives, we take care of the details.

To minimize any risks of uncertainty, we will complete all hypothesis testing and ensure agile development to find the best approach to execute the strategy and your product ambitions.  

Dedicated team

We hire and set up a dedicated team based on your product needs.

Usually, the team consists of front-end developer, back-end developer, UX/UI designer, product manager and marketing specialists.

Dedicated product team includes:

Development team
Content or SEO team
Marketing team


We are accountable for your product delivery. Every month we establish clear goals and expectations for each area for easy tracking. You will feel at ease knowing we have everything under control. 

During our weekly standup meetings, we plan our weekly objectives, the scope of work, and the release dates of ongoing projects. You are invited for our monthly planning sessions and will regularly sync with the product manager to ensure that all the operations are under control.  

Client involved in planning

Strategy and clear goal

Resource approval
Monthly goals
Clear OKRs
Tactical executions

Tactical executions

Weekly planning
Agile management

Our clients

Most of our clients work in Scandinavian countries. They can be startups, SMBs, or enterprise companies. We love them all and always treat them individually.
Software testing, Test Automation
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