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Save money by eliminating solution re-design and re-factoring

From idea to working product

Product Discovery
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some statistics

Why you need it?

70% of projects fail.

According to the Pulse of the Profession 2018 study carried out by the Project Management Institute (PMI) in 5402 companies, the three main causes of project failure are:
•       a change in business priorities (39%);
•       a change in the project’s objectives (37%);
•       incorrect collection of requirements (35%).

Save money by eliminating solution re-design and re-factoring
our capabilities

Product Discovery

Validate product idea, clarify scope, shape product roadmap, define
technical solution and implementation plan - before jumping into costly
product development.

The problem product is solving and value it is delivering to end-users via

•    Product-market fit
•    Competitors’ analysis
•    Stakeholder’s interview
•    Business Requirements validation
Future solution vision via

•    Use-cases
•    Constraints and limitations (business and       technical)
•    Value proposition validation
•    Technical vision
•    AI component
Design and prepare
•    Software Requirements specification
•    Solution Architecture and tech stack
•    AI model and data sources
•    Prototypes and wireframes
•    UI/UX vision
•    Release plan and scope
•    Team estimates
Delivering Value


By conducting Product Discovery, you will get:



Validated product idea

Clear vision on scope and implementation plan

Defined requirements, designs and solution architecture, so that tech team won't idle in the beginning of implementation


Better understanding of team required, schedule and budget

Reduced chances of scope creep

Faster go-to-market and money saving by eliminating solution re-design and refactoring
Right people on the right place

Your Tiger Team

You'll get a team with the mix of product and tech mindset to validate
your idea and prepare the implementation plan. The following roles will
be present:

Product  Manager
Product Designer
Solution Architect
AI Advisor
Delivery Manager
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