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Our story defines who we are...

HBM is a European company with global ambitions, building exciting new products from scratch for startups and helping established companies in their journey towards data-driven innovation and AI-based solutions.

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we are

Established and flexible company

We were founded by a seasoned team of co-thinkers from Ukraine. Our inspiration was to:
Work with great people
Work with modern technologies
Contribute to the creation of exciting new products aimed at making this world a better place
Become an established company without corporate bureaucracy
Allow team members to grow professionally and unlock their potential
Remain focused in all communications
Be digital, stay human
We work with a wide range of companies, from startups to enterprises in Norway, Germany and USA, belonging to several different domains such as fintech, maritime, and green energy.  

Originally a strong Ukrainian talent hub with its heart in Kyiv, since February 24th, 2022, we have started onboarding EU talents to mitigate risks for our customers. We continue to stand as one strong team with a human touch.

We fell in love with Norway many years ago. HBM as adopted much of its work culture from Scandinavian culture. Our values include skills, passion, excellence, equality, openness, mutual respect, and trust.  

We believe that the most sophisticated technology starts with great people – their talents and their synergy. Human Intelligence drives Artificial Intelligence. That’s why call ourselves HBM – Humans Behind the Machines.
The team of highly skilled data engineers, architects, developers, designers, UX specialists, business consultants can provide end-to-end support for implementation of recommended solutions.
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We possess end-to-end capabilities

We are

Currently, we are staffing from EU still focusing on Ukrainian talents. 60% of our teammates are located outside of Ukraine, in different places across Europe.
Led by well-established management team with strong outsourcing experience and onboarding the top 5% talents from the market
“The best explanation of our way is Humans behind the machines”
Olga Mendzebrovska - CEO
Olga Mendzebrovska
Being young and a small company allows us to be fast, flexible, and highly agile allows us to build the most efficient collaboration with our customers.
We are here to deliver. Not FTEs or hours but we deliver value for our customers from day 1. We are not afraid to challenge architectural or organizational choices and suggest alternatives or improvements, all the way along.
We do our best to make our organizational policies, processes, progress, intentions and concerns available and clear. And we expect the same from our clients.
The best technologies, the best methodologies, the best businesses – they all start with Humans. We all have unique skillsets. Without the human touch, business is dead.
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Kyiv, Ukraine

Oslo, Norway

Budapest, Hungary


Join our team of technology addicted professionals and work from your comfort place!

Our clients

Most of our clients work in Scandinavian countries. They can be startups, SMBs, or enterprise companies. We love them all and always treat them individually.
Software testing, Test Automation
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