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online | MAY 10, 3:00 pm (GMT)

Testing in DevOps world


About the webinar

The world is becoming faster. Businesses want to receive fast feedbacks from their users, users become more impatient to releases of new features and bug fixes. Rules of the game has changed: development processes should become even more flexible to win this race.
DevOps mindset is an answer to most of the challenges that IT faces today.

During this presentation we would like to show how the place of testing and the role of test engineer can change to adapt to DevOps environment. We will go through most of the hype terms you've heard: shift-left, DevSecOps, feature teams, continuous integration vs continuous delivery vs continuous deployment and will try to figure them out.

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Oleksandr Krakovetskyi, CEO of DevRain

Meet the speaker!

Kateryna Ovechenko, Head Of Technology Department,

14 years of experience working in IT as a test manager, product manager and corporate manager. She is an expert in test management, security testing, and product advisory, can work as a bridge between product and technical teams. Kateryna has successful experience introducing test processes into large organizations. She is a speaker at various conferences in Europe and Ukraine, drives test community in Ukraine by organizing test conferences and meetups as well as teaching Software Testing course in university.

What you’ll get after the event

Obtain a comprehensive overview of testing in DevOps cycle
Know more about modern DevOps terms, like DevSecOps, shift-left, test automation, canary releases and more
Explore how testing and test automation can be optimized and suited to DevOps cycle
What you’ll get after the event - HBM

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