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Finding the intersection between product, marketing, and sales

We help companies find the ‘Why’ in their tech products

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What is product marketing?

The HBM Marketing Lab helps to validate your tech ideas and test them on the market. You can onboard our product marketing team on any stage of product development.

Our Marketing Lab is the sweet spot at the intersection of Product Design, Marketing, Development and Sales.

HBM's product marketing

Product Launch Flow

HBM’s Product Marketing Lab helps to validate your tech ideas and test them on the marketHBM’s Product Marketing Lab helps to validate your tech ideas and test them on the market

How do we create value?

You’ll get a dedicated marketing team with the right mix of talents and a clear approach on how to achieve your goals and accelerate the time-to-market. We provide product marketing expertise for tech-driven companies with the following:

Proven proficiencies in innovative tech product launch
Staffing top-class niche talent in your industry focus within 6-8 weeks
An agile approach to marketing operations
Clear project OKRs and project milestone reviews
Multiple levels of control for you to keep track of project flow
HBM's value creating
HBM's challenge


Sometimes, companies create products, and they don’t fit the market. It’s challenging to find the best innovation opportunity and get recognition from early users. But that is exactly what HBM is able to do.  

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We set measurable OKRs to each project milestone, defining the acquisition funnel and steps to conversion. You will be involved in monthly planning sessions, retrospective meetings, and goal reviews to adjust the project strategy.

Define project milestone and its OKRs
Adjust strategy to achieve the project goals
Track key metrics
Collect user feedback to assemble the product backlog

We believe that the best results come from the cross-functional team where you share your industry-related experience, and we fuel it with our deep product marketing expertise.

Calculationg ROI

Calculationg ROI

With the help of our marketing approach, you will achieve a measurable ROI:

Increasing sales leads  
Decreasing cost-per-lead
Website traffic growth
Improved brand awareness measured through webinar participants, social community activity, and media coverage

How can we start?

Our team setup strongly depends on your specific case and project goals. We believe that the best result comes from a cross-functional team where everyone owns a specific niche competency and a sense of innovation.

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Our clients

Our customers are tech-driven companies who are looking for a long-term partner in product marketing and digital acceleration. Our Marketing Lab specialists will help differentiate your product, test ideas on the market, and create in-depth relationships with users.

6+ month projects

Enterprises looking for a dedicated product team


SMBs who developed a product and lack a marketing strategy

Dedicated Team

Companies striving for speed and quick growth of their tech product

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