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Building a test automation solution from scratch for an ERP system

Service Line
Software testing, Test Automation


24SevenOffice office was looking for the way to speed up software testing cycle and feedback loop for their ERP product. They decided to introduce test automation to the organization. HBM provided a team of consultants who helped to identify test automation strategy and built test automation solution from scratch.


  • Introduced Test Automation strategy to the organization
  • Implemented daily regression testing, embedded into CI/CD
  • Defects are being found on early development stage (FailFast principle)
  • Significantly decreased QA efforts on regression testing
  • 1000+ end-to-end scenarios were automated
  • Provided transparent reporting to stakeholders

Client needs:

24SevenOfficeis a complete ERP, MRP and AI-based Enterprise platform used by 60K+ companies all around the globe. It’s a web-based Finance and Accounting software which has everything you need, fully integrated into one complete system. 

The company had the following needs in product testing:

  • Speed up testing process and testing feedback loop​
  • Minimize manual testing efforts​
  • Introduce cross-browser testing ​
  • Improve test management and reporting​
  • Coach QA team with test automation basics

They also had several challenges that they needed to overcome to make test automation happen.

HBM team helped 24SevenOffice to identify Test Automation strategy for the organization and build Test Automation solution from scratch.

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Our customers love what we do

"HBM has been a great provider of developers to our teams.

They have worked closely with us through the process to make sure that we get the right people."

Steinar Jordbakke

Head of Development at 24SevenOffice

Project description:

HBM proposed a team of 2 skilled test automation engineers who joined 24 Seven Office. To meet client’s needs, the following solution was proposed:

What have been done:

  • Define Test Strategy​
  • Introduce Continuous testing process​
  • Redesign testing process with shift-left principal in mind​
  • Build and setup test automation solution​
  • Introduce Quality Gates​
  • Introduce Test Management tool and QA workflow​
  • Setup test reporting​
  • Involve Development and QA teams into test automation process

The project started with the 3-week Discovery phase during which the team elicited requirements, quality attributes and constraints for test automation​, defined Test Automation strategy and agreed on tech stack and tools.

The core implementation took about 4 weeks and included implemented test automation framework, automated smoke tests, automated critical feature test cases and API tests, introduced cross-browser testing and scalable automated tests execution on CI. A comprehensive user-friendly test reporting with Slack notification was implemented as well.

The project continues with extending test coverage, adding new test layers, framework enhancements and scaling test execution on CI.

Services Delivered

  • Test strategy
  • Test automation
  • Software testing

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