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Building a SaaS product together with indyRIOT

Social Tech
Service Line
Software development, DevOps


indyRIOT offers a turnkey Community and Networking Solution that provides complete functionality out-of-the-box. It is white-labeled software as a service (SaaS) that enables clients to fast launch their own fully branded, independent community. ​

To ensure time-to-market, indyRIOT needed a technology partner who was able to work in a startup environment and complement the team with skilled resources. HBM has become such a partner.


  • Speed up the building of new features.
  • Time-to-market increased, which is crucial for startups.
  • HBM made sure new functional module. Forum and its Admin part were delivered just in time with high quality.  
  • HBM helped to deliver another crucial module called Events.
  • Proactive approach in the development process was applied for direct communications with the end-users discussing improvements and enhancements to the existing solution.

Client needs:

indyRIOT is building the next-generation community platform that’s actually good for humanity. Communities of all size scan quickly and easily build, manage and scale exciting, engaging, and safe, online experiences by using the indyRIOT community platform. It is a white-label platform, that is built specifically for users, brands and online groups to create exciting, engaging and safe, online experiences.

The platform is built using the modern technology stack, so top-notch software engineers were required by customer. Another important requirement is flexibility of people and ability to work in a startup environment.

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Project description:

HBM supplied a team of engineers who had wide experience within required technology stack, they managed to embed into customer’s environment quickly and took ownership on certain areas of the product.

HBM team took the leading role in implementing the Forum module and it’s Admin part. It was full life cycle development from the design phase to release. Forum is not just another feature but a crucial part of social media platform allowing all members to discuss, debate, converse and share.

HBM team was also involved in creating and development of another crucial module called Events. Events module helps indyRIOT to engage even more users and customers by expanding functionality of their web platform by creating events with big amount of options and great customization. Customer can attach file, give detailed description for your event, add location, pictures, custom tags, categories and even more with usage of features for this module.

We proactively help customer to tailor and optimize development process by pitching and testing some useful ideas.

The team on HBM side consisted of 2 full-stack engineers and one DevOps and worked on the scope which included product development, infrastructure services, DB optimization, DevOps services.

Services Delivered

  • Software development
  • DevOps
  • Infrastructure services
  • DB administration and optimization

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