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Building a world-class integration platform for automated accounting

Propell AI
Service Line
Project management, Architecture and design, Software development, Software testing, DevOps


Propell AI delivers a world-leading AI solution for processing incoming invoices. We at HBM are responsible for building a robust, scalable, configurable, high-load Integration platform for integrating the solution with the most popular Nordic, North-American and Global ERP systems. The platform is cloud-based (Azure) and is created in such a way that all integration components can be configurable and reusable. The platform in future can be used for integrating other types of systems as well. From the front-end side the Administration Portal is being implemented.


  • The integration platform has been released to Production and is successfully running​. More and more clients have been connecting.
  • Infrastructure is truly elastic reacting to workload automatically (event-driven infrastructure)​
  • The platform is able to process large amounts of data​
  • Implemented integrations with 5+ ERP systems, development of more integrations continues​
  • Implemented integrations with Millum and Logiq e-invoice access points​
  • Implemented administration and configuration portal​ which allows configuring integrations and clients onboarding
  • Data passing through platform is stored in the Data Lake

Client needs: delivers a world-leading AI solution for processing incoming invoices. The AI solution simplifies and automates manual accounting processes, so that your business can free up time, money and gain more control. The solution is supposed to be located on top of the accounting system and automate up to 90% of the traditional document management and bookkeeping process. By using artificial intelligence (AI), large quantities of invoices are processed and read – from the moment they are received, till the moment they are paid – and, as a result, give more insight into the account. To make usage of solution possible, it must be integrated with the ERP and accounting systems used within the company, as well as with external data sources. Propell AI wanted to build a scalable and configurable Integration Platform able to interconnect various systems and handle large amounts of data.

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Our customers love what we do

"We have been delighted to work with such talented, professional and skilled people as the PAI team in HBM.

They solve all challenges we send their way and they keep on challenging us as well so that we together can create a world class IPAAS.

I'm very impressed by the fact that even under extreme circumstances they have been able to deliver service with a world class quality."

Einar Bergsaker

CTO at

Project description:

HBM is responsible for full-cycle development of the Integration Platform. While Propell AI is accountable for Solution Architecture and requirements, HBM takes the responsibility for delivering the solution, including:

  • Cloud infrastructure establishment as a code using Terraform + Terraform cloud
  • IPAAS solution architecture and design, following enterprise standards
  • Full-cycle software development from scratch
  • Core of the platform (.NET) and administration portal (React)
  • Integrations with ERP systems and e-invoice access points
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • System performance and scalability tests
  • CI/CD (Azure, Kubernetes)

The project started in July 2021 when the first team members were onboarded.

At the active project stage, the team on the HBM side consisted of 4 backend developers, 1 front-end developer, 2 test engineers, 2 DevOps engineers and a part-time project manager. The team was eventually scaled down when the platform core was finished.​

The scope of the project includes the platform itself, integrations with 20+ ERP systems, integrations with e-invoice access points, building a Data Lake, as well as UI for administration and configuration. By now, the solution and first integrations are running on Production. Development of more integrations continues.

Services Delivered

  • Architecture and design
  • Software development
  • Software testing
  • DevOps

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