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Creating an innovative energy solution

Energy Tech
Service Line
Product management, Software development, Architecture, UI/UX Design, AI/ML


Sustainability remains a data problem. People lack mechanisms to collect and analyze a financial data correctly to understand the real impact they make on the planet. The main challenge is to make carbon emissions possible to calculate and predict ways to reduce carbon footprint.


  • HBM created a product roadmap and release plan.
  • The development team designed architecture, defined tech stack and implemented the MVP, including integration with 3rd-party systems.
  • The team created a data-analysis solution using ML algorithms.
  • HBM successfully released first MVP version of Energi.AI.

Client needs:

Norway is called a Silicon Valley for Energy sector. Energi.AI, as an Oslo-based startup, wants to give businesses the answer about their carbon footprint and recommendations to become a net-zero company.  

Energi.AI was looking for a partner with proven experience in developing a SaaS product and AI prediction models.  

  • The first challenge – the most global and important – is to fight with climate changes. How? By helping companies to follow Sustainable Development Goals.
  • The second challenge was to set up a scalable solution, which can quickly gather financial data with the help of AI and calculate the carbon footprint from businesses.
  • The third challenge was to build a simple and human interface. Based on our research, most companies use carbon accounting tools twice a year to prepare reports. Though, CxOs have to take actions to make a shift from bi-yearly reporting purpose only to climate change mindset.
  • The fourth challenge was to build first integrations to 3rd party solutions and automate data flow.
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Our customers love what we do

"I highly recommend HBM. We chose them as a Technology Partner for our portfolio startups. HBM team is very service-minded. We always get from them a fast response to our needs via highly competent delivery and skilled tech resources.HBM has been an IT partner for our startups since the very early stages. I’m very pleased about our collaboration that allowed me to focus on business and sales more, and fully credit IT development part to HBM team.To be concise, HBM was instrumental to our success on scaling tech teams on a high speed."

Anders H. Lier

CEO & Founder at

Project description:

Energi.AI creates a SaaS platform for businesses that aim to go toward net-zero. The product has already onboarded its first users and is working on the extended features implementation.

HBM joined the team on the Ideation stage, so it could impact many product decisions. The team consisted of UI/UX designer, developers, data scientist, test engineer and product manager.

What was done:

  • Functionality for basic scopes calculations (according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol)
  • The extended analytics on company's emission, benchmarking of companies from the same industry
  • Integrations with Norwegian ERP solution, energy system and other relevant data sources
  • Improving product’s UI/UX
  • Data forecasting and image recognition with NLP
  • Release of first MVP and continuous product improvement and implementation

Services Delivered

  • Product management
  • Software development
  • Architecture
  • UI/UX Design
  • AI/ML

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