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Empowering software development capabilities for a financial company

Service Line
Software Development, Testing, Test management


Motus is a leading Icelandic company in the field of claims management and collection for companies, municipalities, pension funds and public entities. It also provides other financial services, such as payment solutions and loans.  

Motus runs several projects aimed at renovating their IT solutions as well as launching new products and services. The scope also assumes significant changes in the overall infrastructure and architecture: introducing microservices and moving to cloud.

HBM has become a technology partner for Motus by providing a dedicated team of software engineers who have taken over development and testing responsibilities within several Motus projects.


  • HBM provided a team of Software Engineers who took ownership on backend development on several projects (payment solution, claims management solution, integrations with 3rd parties, etc.)
  • Created and presented a microservice template which speeded up further development across different projects within Motus  
  • Created Test Strategy for the organization as well as for the particular projects
  • Established test process, started ongoing testing within all main projects
  • Selected, evaluated and set up test tools

Client needs:

First, Motus decided to introduce significant changes into their payment solution, which assumed designing and developing brand new backend based on microservice architecture.

Also, Motus needed to develop several new services for integrating with 3rd parties.

Finally, Motus needed help with testing their IT products.

Motus was looking for a dedicated team of senior software engineers to work on their projects, develop new backend, as well as introduce test processes across the organization.

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Our customers love what we do

"Working with HBM has been a game-changer for our company. Their nearshoring partnership not only resolved our scaling issues, but their team's exceptional professionalism and unwavering commitment to quality have exceeded our expectations. HBM is the ideal solution for any organization seeking a reliable and high-caliber nearshoring partner."

Bjarki Snær Bragason

CIO at Motus

Project description:

HBM provided a dedicated team able to take ownership on new backend development, as well as contribute to the front-end part.

We also provided a professional test team whose goal was to embed testing into all main projects run by Motus.

During the year, the team eventually has grown from 3 to 8 people, led by a delivery coordinator.

The scope of work included:

  • Develop new backend for the payment solution based on microservice architecture
  • Create a microservice template for usage across projects
  • Develop integrations with 3rd parties
  • Implement new solution for claims management
  • Establish test process from scratch
  • Introduce Test Strategy on the project and organization levels
  • Select and setup test tools
  • Plan test efforts and perform ongoing testing on all main projects within Motus
  • Take ownership on the front-end part and implement new web UI based on new designs

At the moment cooperation between Motus and HBM continues by starting up new projects, scaling up the team and expanding services.

Services Delivered

  • Software development
  • Testing
  • Test Management

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