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Creating innovative energy solution

Energy management company (under NDA)
Energy Tech
Service Line
Software development, mobile app development, DevOps


German company develops a cloud-based energy management system with thousands of connected IoT edge devices.

The company needed a team of highly qualified engineers to join the MVP development. HBM has become a partner able to provide needed competences shortly.


  • Developed a product roadmap
  • Developed MVP
  • Developed a cross-platform mobile app
  • The team continues to work on new features and further improvements

Client needs:

By linking innovative energy solutions and sustainable mobility offers through intelligent IT systems, our client creates the basis for cost- and resource-efficient energy and mobility management. The development of such product requires a team of highly competent engineers.

Having a part of the team in-house, they needed to complement it with more resources. The project also had defined milestones, which meant that staffing had to be done quickly.

HBM provided a team of engineers in a short timeframe who grasped all aspects of the project quickly and started working product development together with team in Germany.​

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Project description:

The HBM team started in July 2021 and has already successfully delivered through several project iterations.  Our team of 3 back-end developers, 1 front-end developer, 1 mobile developer, and 1 DevOps engineer has been integrated into Customer’s environment and is working on the MVP scope together with Solution Architect and a team on customer side.

The scope of work for the team includes:

  • Product back end development​
  • Building and deploying embedded part of the software ​solution (Python technology, Azure cloud)​
  • Adaptation of architecture to micro services
  • EEBUS protocols implementation
  • UI implementation(JavaScript, Angular)
  • Mobile app development (ReactNative)
  • Consulting on DevOps best practices

Services Delivered

  • Software development
  • Mobile app development
  • DevOps

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